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Achieving and Maintaining Healthy Hair

maintain healthy hairAchieving and maintaining healthy hair requires that you dedicate some extra time and care to your hair. It's all about doing the right things for your hair on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis.  You can't ignored your hair and expect it to thrive.


However, many of you may also learn that keeping it simple works well.  Hair maintenance does not require that you become obsessive over your hair.  Put a plan together and stick to it. The articles below are intended to help you determine things you should be doing regularly for your hair.



Maintaining Healthy Hair with  Self Hair Care

How to Trim Your Own Hair

Learn how to trim your own hair and eliminate dependency on a hair stylsit.


Do-It-Yourself Hair Care

DIY hair care works for some and not others.  Learn about managing your own hair.


Hair Care Styling Tools

Choosing the best hair care styling tools is important to starting a long healthy hair regimen. Find out what you need to get started.


Best Black Hair Magazine

These hair magazines will give you tips on caring for your hair at home as well as how celebrities care for their hair.


African American Hair Care - The Kit

Get started on your hair care regimen by getting all the right tools and accessories.


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Healthy Hair Tips for At-Home Maintenance

Additional tips on keeping your hair healthy at home.


Maintaining Healthy Hair with Daily Maintenance

Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are the answer to keeping your hair protected at night.


Smooth Hairline

Get a silky smooth hair line whether relaxed or natural with these tips.


Bed Time Care

Bed time care of black hair is an important element of a healthy hair regimen.


Winter Hair Tips

Take extra special care of your hair in the winter.  Read the latest winter hair tips.


African American Hair Care Tips

Read my African American hair care tips to learn what you can start and stop doing to achieve healthy black hair.




How to Keep Hair Healthy

Tips on how to keep your hair healthy and strong.


Maintaining Healthy Hair with Regular Maintenance

How to Keep Hair Healthy

Keeping your hair healthy just involves paying attention to your hair while avoiding obsessing with it!


How to Choose a Hair Stylist

Learn everything you need to know on how to choose a hair stylist who will care for your hair and help you reach your health and length goals.


Dominican Hair Salons

Dominican Hair Salons are known for their Doobie hair style involving rollers and a hot blow dryer.  Find out what else intrigues about these salons.


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Protein Conditioners

How to use protein conditioners are the key to achieving healthy, strong hair.  Learn how to incorporate them into your regimen.  


Trimming Hair

Healthy African American hair begins with a good trim.  Find out the pros and cons of trimming your hair.


Reasons for Bad Hair Days

Are good hair days just a myth? It will sure seem that way when you read this.


Long Hair Care Tips

Long hair care tips you should follow to keep your hair healthy.


Problems with Hair Stylists

Hair stylists are hard to come by. Find out reasons that we see them and leave them.


Time Saving Hair Tips

Dread doing your hair? Here are some tips to make it easier.


Organizing Hair Care Stash

Keep your products organized.


How to Get Shiny Hair

A few techniques and tips to get the shiny hair you desire.


How to Have Beautiful Hair

Do you know what could be holding you back from having beautiful hair? This article will give you some ideas.


Maintaining Healthy Hair with Hair Care Remedies

All About Dandruff

Do you really know all about dandruff and what you can do about it? Find out here.


Get Rid of Split Ends and Get Healthier Hair

Split ends cause breakage and an unhealthy hair appearance. Learn how to get rid of split ends AND prevent them from occurring!


Stop Hair Breakage

Learn how to stop hair breakage in its tracks.


Treat and Prevent Dry Hair

Having healthy hair means reducing problems with your hair. Find out how you can treat dry hair problems.


Benefits of Roller Setting

Learn how to style your hair without heat and prevent many hair problems.


Tangled Hair Solutions

Do you suffer from constant hair tangles? These tangled hair solutions should help you have tangle free hair.


Thinning Hair

Thinning hair in black women is becoming too common. Don't let it happen to you.


Managing Your Damaged Hair

Do you know best ways of managing your hair when it's damaged? Find out your options here.


Winter Hair Tips

Take extra special care of your hair in the winter. Read the latest winter hair tips.


Too Much Heat

Are you using too much heat on your hair?


Secrets to  Beautiful Hair

Here are some secrets to getting beautiful hair that can grow long and strong.


Hair Style for Thin Hair

Do you have thin hair?  Here are some styling tips to make the best of it!


Tips for a Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Learn how to do hot oil treatments with various types of oils that work great on hair to improve hair growth and health.


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